Digital Marketing Consultancy and TrainingWe’re always looking for ways to help our clients promote their business, increase brand awareness and brand loyalty.  By increasing awareness, you increase what we call consideration.  This means that your potential clients can be swayed by the power of your brand (or not as the case may be).  A strong, and well managed, brand results in increased sales and customer retention.

Quirky animations and videos can help you raise brand awareness.  As SME’s don’t have big budgets, we came up with an off the shelf promotional product,  that can be easily adapted to your business.  This animation is an off the shelf animation into which we can slot your logo and wording (for the search bar at the introduction screen).  Watch this space for more examples coming shortly.  In the meantime, please email us if you’d like more details or would like us to make you one.  Please allow 3-4 working days from the point of payment and once we have received your logo etc.