The Importance of an ‘About’ Page for your website

The Importance of an ‘About’ Page for your website cannot be underestimated.  Often it’s your “About Us” page—the page that introduces yourself to your website visitor – which tells them what you do, and builds a rapport that will hopefully turn them into a customer.

When a potential client goes online to search for a specific product, they would like to know that they are getting value for money as well as dealing with a reliable, trustworthy company, and that is where your ‘About’ page can be your selling point and help you stand out when compared to other companies.  This is known as ‘consideration’ in the marketing world.   Imagine a scenario where you go search a product and Google, Bing or Yaidu, gives you a list of companies that best suit your search.  You click on one page and there is very little information given regarding the company and what it does. But then, you click on another page and there the website has a glowing ‘About’ page letting you, the potential client, find out about the company and what they do. Which company would you say would get the most traffic and sales? That’s right the company that has the ‘About’ page, as it’s not just a page letting you know what the company does but a page that helps the company build a trustworthy relationship with their clients. Today with the ever-changing world of technology, we are able to see from data that people do tend to buy from companies that they know, that they like and a company they can trust. Your ‘About’ page is the page that shows how good your company is, so, therefore, its the most important page on your website as your ‘About’ page will be the page that sells your brand.

So here at TBF, this little fairy has put together some steps to help you deliver the best ‘about’ page for your website that will have your site being clicked and viewed with the result of potential sales and happy clients trusting you and your products. We have broken the information down into a few different blog posts so that we don’t cause too much information overload in one go. So here we go for the first few steps on the importance of an ‘About’ page to get you started.

Engaging Web Visitors: What’s in it for them?

Being able to engage your readers from the get-go can be tricky, you don’t want to bore your readers within the first few lines. Have you ever experienced a sales person trying to push their brand onto you? Right we know they are trying to make a sale, as some may work on commission but how annoyed does it make you when they spiel off information that doesn’t interest you. I know myself it turns me off the company, especially if they are being very pushy. So knowing what to say on your ‘about’ page is key as you want to be appealing to attract potential clients and not to bore them and drive them away to another company.

Start off by letting the clients know what your brand can do in a short but to the point post. Some examples can be seen below.

First up we have TBF’s very own ‘about’ page, as you can see in our heading we state what our brand is, then in the next three lines, we state what we can do for you the client.

TBF About us page The Business fairy digital marketing agency

Another example is Crest Solutions who would be a very important pharmaceutical company, within their first three opening lines they give a clear message to their target clients on what their company provides.

About page crest solution the business fairy digital marketing agency

To attract potential clients to your page, by starting with how you can help them is the first step in the right direction.


Make Sure Your Brand is Trustworthy

Making sure your brand is a trustworthy, reliable brand is what will keep clients coming back and recommending you to friends and family. If someone just came up to on the street seeing that you were having an issue training your dog, or seeing that you were having engine trouble  with your car, and they were to say “I can train your dog” or “I can help you fix the engine” would you believe them, especially if they are complete strangers. Whereas if they were to say something like “Oh I love your dog, I’m such an animal lover that I left my previous job to start my own dog training company” or “Hi, I’m a mechanic in (name of the garage) , I have been working there for over 5 years.” Which would you let help you quicker or even ask them for a business card? Your ‘about’ page is the same, clients want to see that your trustworthy and that as a business you know what you are talking about as well as being able to relate to the client on their level.

Mentioning small achievements as well as some of your personal experience in the area of your brand can help build trust between your company and the client. Clients tend to go for companies they can trust and relate to on a personal experience.

Show the Clients Some Personality

Our function as a digital marketing agency is to develop brands.  We do this by showing a personality and sharing stories. Let your clients see who you are as a person as well as a company. Give them a brief look into what interests you and what type of person or company you are. What is the background story?  Why was the business started?  People tend to connect with others who shine through their personalities. If you met someone whether in person or online and their personality didn’t attract you to them, would you remember them?

On your ‘about’ page tell your clients and followers a little about yourself, share with them what your goals are, your hobbies and even a little mini story about who you are or who the company is. This can be done through short paragraphs.  Keep the story as brief as you can as you don’t want a big long read where the client gets bored and switches off.  It should be short and to the point.  Video marketing is a great way to get complex points and information across.   Letting clients know what drives you as a business as well as what you believe in and goals you see happening for your company is a way of clients getting to know the real you as a person as well as a company. They will then more likely connect with you on a more personal level which is a result for you and your brand means more referrals and potential sales, as people tend to buy from companies they relate to and trust.

Pierro Caron is a French artisan sculptor.  Here is an image from his page showing how he shows his visitors some of his personality. As an artist, this friendly and quirky wording suits his business.

Pierro Caron French artist the business fairy digital marketing agency

Another example is a Dublin cameraman, Daniel Harper, in his story you can see he is laid back introducing himself as Dan and stating what he does.

Daniel Harper the business fairy digital marketing agency

Remember your ‘about’ page is not a curriculum vitae, so you don’t need to state every little thing you have done in your life to attract clients. Pick one or two short stories or interesting facts that highlights your personality as well as the companies.

Getting Your Clients To Take The Next Step With You

So you have attracted your clients by letting them know what you do in a short but to the point way of what your brand has to offer them. You have shown them how trustworthy your brand is, and you have added some of your personality into the mix for clients to get to know you as a person as well as a company. So what’s next?

So here’s how to keep your clients interacting with your business, and to keep traffic coming to your business. At the end of your ‘about’ page suggest what the client should do next. Add a link for them to subscribe to a monthly newsletter to keep them up to date with any new products which may be of interest to them, or suggest they contact you with any queries they may have via email or phone call. Having a contact us button at the end is a good way to let them connect more with you.

Keep an eye out for more blog tips on the importance of ‘About’ page flying your way over the next little while.

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