happy blogging from the business fairyFor the final week in 2012, everyone is thinking about plans and goals for 2013.  As many of our clients ask us about “how to blog” or “the best way to blog for search engine optimisation”, we decided to share a little secret with you fairies.   Although it is somewhat mind bending, and the little grey cells may rebel at first (particularly as we are still in Christmas cheer mode), it is vital that you understand it and it has never been easier to rank if you are using a wordpress blog, so,  just sit back, pour yourself a stiff G and T and read on.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI for short) is an algorithm constructed and used by Google to measure your blog keywords and rank your content.  It cross checks that your keywords are real, and not just a list of back links you have created in an effort to spam Google.

“What relevance does this have to me?” I hear you ask.  Well darlings the important point here is that your blog post reads in a natural way, with natural wording, and not just a repetition of the the_small_business_fairy_lsi_keywordssame keyword used over and over again.  You do not want to risk upsetting the almighty Google and unwittingly placing yourself on their black list (yes indeedy they do have one).  If you just keep re-using the same keyword you will look like you are trying to manipulate the search engine (manipulate??? ….. moi??? – *innocent look upon face*).  So how do we avoid this awful fate.

Firstly, we still need to compile a list of primary keywords, and then, we need to build  a further list of LSI keywords.  You can do this the old fashioned way with pen and paper, or there are many exciting tools to help you do so.  Why not use the free keyword generator from Google as it’s the company we are trying to impress with our amazing blogposts.

  1. Go to Google Ad Words.the_small_business_fairy_lsi_keywords_google
  2. Type in your key word, in this example we used “handmade cosmetics”
  3. Click the Search button
  4. Voila, Google displays a list of possible LSI keywords.
  5. Choose the ones that are the most highly searched for and build your blog around these.
  6. Choose between 4 – 6 LSI words as you have to be extremely careful to avoid building a mere listing of nonsensical words.

Happy blogging and a VERY Happy New Year my little fairies.